Shrink Fitting Induction Heating Systems

  • 10 kW Induction Generator operating at 25 kHz heats a 2.5" ( 65mm) diameter (nominal) tool holder in 3-5 sec's.
  • Tooling is shrink fitted such that at 20,000RPM the end mill and tool holder are well balanced.
  • The Power Supply Cabinet can be mounted up to 10 meters from the Heat Station.
  • The Heating Coil is designed for maximum efficiency, utilizing heavy copper bus bar leads, square heavy wall copper tubing and is water-cooled.
  • System efficiency is high as a result of auto-tuning electronics that match operating frequency to the heating load.
  • A Quick-change Heating Coil Adapter is offered when heating coil changes are frequently required for different sized Tool Holders.

Use our IGBT Induction Heating Generator for all your Shrink Fitting applications.


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