Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Generic Induction heaters: (one size and design fits all). Is this the case?

Answer: Heating different metals to different temperatures require matching the induction system to the application. Choice of the correct frequency, correct coil size and shape and adequate power level are always important. Often engineers think they can just throw a lot of heating power at a job and lucky results will happen. More likely, the part will not heat to the required temperature or internal components will fail from high circulating voltages.

Question: Are domestic suppliers and their engineering staff better able to service and supply parts for Induction units used in a factory floor environments where downtime due to component failure cannot be tolerated?

Answer: Answer is obvious, having a staff to assist you in downtimes is a high priority and something that we take pride in providing for our customers.

Question: Are street salesmen selling overseas-built units trained in the science of induction heating?

Answer: Most likely: No.