Electric Submersible Pump Rotor Brazing

See it in action on Youtube!

This is a semi-automatic induction brazing machine that alternately heats and brazes both ends of the rotor. The induction generator, a high performance heating coil (Induction Tooling co., n. Royalton, Ohio) and the special solder (Prince & Izant co.) Used will deliver superior results compared to other methods. Heating is efficient, fast and concentrated. The msi automation designed system includes a 30 kw induction generator, Allen Bradley Micrologic PLC control system, Allen Bradley color touch screen operator interface and temperature regulated water chiller. The machine has been in operation for 9 years and has induction brazed 1000's of deep well electric submersible water pumps at the rate of 600-700 braze cycles per 10 hour shift


MSI Automation | Designed and Manufactured in the USA