Carbide Brazing

Induction heating system by MSI Automation shows 5 kw unit operating a mere 15 khz induction brazing a carbide insert into heavy 25mm square steel die holder.


Deep Heating 20kW/15kHz Induction Generator Heats 4.5" (115mm) diameter carbide-tipped Die Grinder to 1500 degrees F (800C). Heating coils use flux intensifier coating to speed heating and concentrate heating in specific area where heat is required.


Power is 7.5 kw at 30 khz, the correct heating frequency for this heavy steel part.

Also shown is the quick-change coil adapter with locking nut. Removal and replacement of one heating coil with another heating coil can take less than 10 sec's.



MSI Automation | Designed and Manufactured in the USA